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Business & Services

Research & Labs

We are establishing and providing agricultural-related quality testing facility including technical services on agriculture supply chain management. Company have strong technical capacity on value chain development of agriculture products which can provide technical service to all need arena.

Post Harvest Facility

Establishment of agriculture products storage facility and processing units. The plan will include all types of Agri produce storage facility including establishment of processing facilities focusing to increase value addition of Nepali products and reduce the trade deficit on final products.

Storage Facility

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Muktinath Agro Marts

Muktinath Agro Marts are initiated to supply agriculture inputs and products. The inputs of the company include Organic Fertilizers and Manure, Organic and Inorganic Pesticides, Farm Machinery and equipment, Greenhouse plastic and shade nets, mulching sheets, irrigation equipment, and more. Likewise, the products consist of FMCG, Fresh Fruits, and Vegetables.

Business Incubation

Muktinath Krishi Company Limited provides a platform for small entrepreneurs, students, farmers, and every other individual in need of an idea or falling behind with the lack of access to resources, technologies, expertise, and market information in order to facilitate them begin their journey in farming. Leveraging and aggregating programs and services to promote agribusinesses and enhancing partnerships through entrepreneurship development, innovation, and value addition can open up opportunities for farmers to take their products and technologies to a global market.

MKCL values three different aspects for Business Incubation which includes Technical, Business, and Social attributes. Technical attributes such as innovativeness, compatibility with the farming systems, complexity, process advantage, developmental maturity, benefits to end-user, future scope for improvement, technical expertise available, and technology readiness level. Business attributes such as market demand, business opportunity, revenue potential, time to reach market, competitive advantage, entry barriers, exit barriers, cost advantage, geographical market reach, regulatory acceptability, public perception. Social attributes such as benefits to farmers, employment opportunities, benefits to society, impact on the environment, and other life forms.

Technical Services

Engaging a high level of agriculture value chain management professionals to drive the agro-business in a good manner is the prime competitiveness of the company. The company has related field-level expertise from the National and International levels. Additionally, this company is one of its kind in Nepal envisioning to be a champion on sustainable Agri-economic development of Nepal.

Service Center

Our service center is intended for the repair, exchange, and maintenance of farm machinery and equipment including the modification of physical components. We also provide on-field services like training to the farmers on proper procedures and techniques.


Muktinath Krishi Company Limited has district-level Agriculture Resource Center at various places for the time being and plans to establish one in every district. The motive behind the establishment of these resource centers is to make the supply of agricultural inputs.

Agriculture Resource Center (Dealer)s