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Working at Muktinath

A career at MKCL means you have to get started with one of the best employers. We provide an environment that gives people the chance to achieve their goals, both professionally and personally. At MKCL, we offer you more ways to take advantage of opportunities to develop yourself, more room to be successful and grow, attractive remuneration and benefits, and many directions you can follow when building your career, ‘made by you '.



Integrity is essential for us, because it is the main building block of our reputation. Therefore, we will be never compromising. It determines how we behave, wherever we operate. It is our guiding principle to do the right thing for MKCL success in the long term.


Respect is our top priority, because we believe that people should be treated respectfully, fairly and equitably. We welcome the diversity of people, and we respect people for who they are and what they contribute.


We want to carefully deal with our consumers, customers and employees, as well as the environment and the communities where we operate. We will always do what we say.


Our pioneering spirit is what has made us, and what still our engine is. It gives us the passion to win and create a better future. It means that we are always willing to take calculated risks.


Commitment to common goals & collaboration based on open & honest communication


Working smart with perseverance & being goal-driven

Suraj Paudel

Working in the field of Electronics passionately for over 8 years from the root, Mr. Paudel currently works as a Research Assistant in Research and Innovation Unit, ACEM. Working as the President of the Advanced Robotics Club for a year, Mr. Paudel has participated in and organized different Robotics Events. Mr. Paudel also serves as Secretary of MARBI; an NGO working to uplift the quality of life of the marginalized people in Nepal. Mr. Paudel has also worked as a Consultant for Udayapur Cement Industry Limited.

Mr. Paudel is currently working as the Assistant IT Officer in MKCL.

Babita Dhungana

For me, it’s been almost a year working with MKCL.

MKCL provides  conducive and employee friendly work environment, which helps the employee to give quality work .In terms of career growth also it provides best platform to enhance knowledge and skills.I feel very gratified and glad to be associated with MKCL and absolutely look forward to work here on a long tenure

Hear from our Employees

I joined Muktinath Krishi Company Limited as its vision is in tune with my core educational values. I believe in providing best technical choices to everyone who are associated with us.

Having previously worked with different organizations before, I feel the work space inside Muktinath family draws out the best proficient yield and that makes the difference. I greatly value the support and working environment provided by the Muktinath krishi family. Over the time, my roles at Muktinath krishi has grown constantly from the field of Mechanization extension, Field assistance to Product development. 

My Journey with Muktinath family has been an amazing one, and I am truly grateful for all the opportunities they have given me to grow, not just as an employee but as part of the family. Muktinath krishi’s values are embedded as part of my life, not just my professional role.

Er. Shital Ghimire
Er. Shital Ghimire

My 3 months journey to MKCL has pushed me to work hard and perform at my best.The highly adaptive attribute of MKCL of reassessing and redirectirecting their course of action to adjust to the changing marketplace structures its vision.MKCL team takes risks and enjoys exploring new ideas.Individuals treat each other with respect and kindness and the company culture encourages meaningful interaction between colleagues.


What I love about Muktinath Krishi company is the working environment over here. All the Staff members are so friendly, cheerful and even our BOD members are supportive. I love that every one out here is really enthusiastic, energetic and talented enough to bring out the creative ideas into company. I really enjoy working here, Muktinath is not just only running the company but also boosting the employees confidence and  skills.

International Business Manager