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D - 531 power weeder self start

Rs. 140000.00

4-Stroke Diesel Engine

Self Start, Handle Bar with Toolbox

6.3 KW (9 HP)/3600 RPM OR 5.8 KW (7.8 HP) / 3000 RPM 

Front Tiller Gear with 3 Forward Speeds and 1 Reverse Speed

Rear Gearbox with 2 speeds for Ditching with a set of Ditching Blade

Front walking wheel 400*9

Extra set of 3+1 Blades

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e-AgroCare D 531 Self Start - 406 cc, 4 Stroke Diesel Engine Power Weeder is used for inter cultivation and has an electric start. The adjustable rotavator comes in the range of 30-54 inch. The HTP for spraying can be connected to the PTO shaft. The water pump can be connected to the PTO shaft for pulling up the water. Ridger, plough, paddy wheel, and potato digger can be connected with the device. The rotavator, tyres, ridger, and spare part tool kit come free with the power weeder. e-AgroCare D 531 Self Start is suitable for both wetland and dry land application. 

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