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About Us

About Muktinath Krishi


Muktinath Krishi Company (an associate company of Muktinath Bikash Bank) is a pioneer and the first public agricultural company established with the aim of playing a managerial role in the overall agricultural value chain through the "Krishak sanga Muktinath" and "Upabhoktaa sanga Muktinath" campaigns, with the goal of improving Nepal's agricultural economy. The company was established in 2075 with a 22.2% investment from Muktinath Bikash Bank, a 57.8% share held by 901 promoters involved in various business sectors of Nepal, and 20% from public shares. This company is actively involved in various activities to increase agricultural productivity and consumer welfare, offering more than 450 products and services required in the field of agricultural production.

We work towards the goal of promoting economic development in rural areas by engaging in both financial and non-financial activities related to agriculture, reaching more than 69 districts in the nation. Our primary objective is to boost production and improve productivity in rural regions. To achieve this, we collaborate with local authorities, cooperative societies, agricultural entrepreneurs, and development organizations at the grassroots level. Through thorough research of agricultural production potential, we strive to facilitate and enhance production while fostering market-oriented approaches. We encourage the production of high quality goods that meet consumer needs through the use of consumer cooperatives. As part of our comprehensive approach to agricultural value chains, we also play a vital role in managing and overseeing the entire agriculture value chain process.

Currently, we have been providing our goods and services in more than 70 districts throughout the country through our provincial offices established in all seven provinces, more than 200 distribution channels, and Agricultural Resource centers.


To Foster sustainable development in the agricultural economy


Bringing youth back into an agriculture sector through competitiveness and well-defined (or dignified) commercialized profession



Customer Focused

We are always striving to surpass customer expectations in terms of value, product quality and satisfaction

Goal Focused

Grow together, organic growth, action oriented, leading ecosystem


We constantly remain creative in satisfying changing environmental needs


We build the competence and skill expected of a professional


Maintaining open communication platform, encourage team work, respect all and recognize excellence in performance


Our ambition is to have the most sustainable agriculture value chain in the country.

Organization Structure

Board of Directors


Mr. Sitaram kaphle Chairperson
Mr. Bharat Raj Dhakal Director
Mr. Tulasi Ram Dhakal Director
Mr. Govinda Bahadhur Raut Director
Mrs. Sugarika K.C. Director
Our Team

Management Team

Mr. Bharat Raj Dhakal Managing Director
Mr. Ram Sharan Timalsina Deputy General Manager & CS
Head of Departments


Mrs. Deepanjali Khakurel Head-HR & Admin
Mr. Ganesh Poudel Head-Finance & Account
Mr. Gopal Lamsal Head-Regional Business & Operation
Mr. Madhav Bhattarai Head of Account
Er. Gaurab Dulal Head- Farm Mechanization
Mr. Sagar Pandey Head- Research & Business Development
Mr. Sanjay Dhakal Head- International Business
Mr. Gopi Krishna Kafle Head-Supply Chain
Er. Pushpa Raj Joshi Head- IT
Province Members

Province Team

Mr. Bhumi Raj Bhandari Province Head- Gandaki, Pokhara
Mr. Anoj Adhikari Province Head- Bagmati, Chitwan
Mr. Nirmal Bhusal Province Head- Lumbini
Mr. Khem Raj Khatri Province Head - Karnali
Mr. Hikmat Raj Upadhaya Province Head - Sudur Paschim