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Subsidiary Company's Details

We cannot describe the great potential of the agricultural sector in words. Agriculture itself is science, efficient management and the main basis for human survival. We have established eight subsidiary companies in order to make agriculture more orderly, dignified and beneficiary-friendly by realizing separate mechanisms and management to provide specialized services in various fields of agriculture. On the occasion of the fourth foundation day of the company, the subsidiary companies were inaugurated as follows.

Muktinath Seed Bank Limited

Seeds are the basic means of production. Good quality and climate-friendly seeds are very important in agricultural production. Established with the aim of providing quality seeds according to the demands and needs of farmers, this company will work in the fields of advanced, Varna Shankar and other seed production, research, cooperation and encouragement with farmers for seed production, seed quality assurance, etc.

Muktinath Fertilizer Bank Limited

The undeniable reality is that there is a significant knowledge gap: while one side lacks adequate sources for the production of natural fertilizers, the other side witnesses an escalating dependency on chemical fertilizers. Substantial amounts of money are being drained from the country under the guise of chemical fertilizers. With the objective of supplying farmers with top-quality fertilizers, this company was established. Recognizing the untapped potential of organic fertilizer sources within the country, the company aims to ensure the value and quality assurance of available manures. Additionally, it strives to produce and offer other essential nutrients at fair prices for both fertilizers and crops. Furthermore, the company is committed to undertaking initiatives such as exploring the feasibility of chemical fertilizer management for integrated nutrient management. It also seeks collaboration on both national and international levels with governmental and non-governmental organizations for the production and distribution of fertilizers.

Muktinath Nursery Bank Limited

Non-availability of quality plants in time is a major problem for the overall development of the horticultural sector of Nepal. In general, plants prepared from seeds of local varieties have a longer yield period and are less productive. This company will carry out research, production, collection, care, distribution as well as availability of nursery related materials for timely quality plants, which can bear fruit in a short time and have high productivity, less diseases and insects and give fruits according to the choice of consumers.

Muktinath Livestock Bank Limited

Agriculture constitutes a significant portion, with livestock and animal product production being a major sector. Direct contributions to the daily lives of Nepali farmers, such as milk, fish, and other items related to livestock and animal production, are integral. This bank aims to engage in activities related to livestock and animal production sectors, such as enhancing productivity, improving quality and reliability, market identification, risk mitigation, and establishing industries related to value addition.

Muktinath Herbal Bank Limited

The potential of medicinal and aromatic plants in Nepal has been described as a high value agricultural product. Nepal has thousands of species of plants, some of which have medicinal and aromatic properties. Due to the high demand of these plants in the international market, farmers can earn good income from its cultivation. To tap into this potential, the company aims to encourage and facilitate the identification, collection, processing and production of these plants, ultimately contributing to the globalization of these natural products.

Muktinath Food Bank Limited

Complaints are regularly heard that consumers are not able to consume quality food items despite paying high prices and farmers are also unable to get fair prices and sustainable market arrangements for their products. This company will work in the field of food promotion of the country by producing, processing, value addition, food literacy and consumer interest protection of agricultural products according to consumer demand.

Muktinath Agro Machinery Company Limited

The use of machinery in the agricultural sector leads to long-term cost reduction, addresses the increasing human resource scarcity, promotes productivity growth, and makes agricultural businesses more simple and accessible. This company is committed to researching, developing, and making agriculture technologically friendly in the context of Nepali soil, geography, and farmers, by focusing on machinery and technologies.

Muktinath Trading Limited

Muktinath Agriculture Company and its affiliated companies aim to work in the field of import, export, distribution, and marketization of products, including the collection, production, and processing of products produced by various national and international producers.

Muktinath iTech Limited

At Muktinath Itech, we're dedicated to advancing technology in agriculture. We focus on cutting-edge areas like ML/AI, Distributed system, and IoT to drive agricultural development. Our goal is to create practical solutions with real impact. We foster collaboration among farmers, researchers, students, and industry professionals to accelerate innovation and address challenges in agriculture.

Muktinath Climate Care Limited

The company specializes in a range of services aimed at reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy adoption, and implementing eco-friendly practices across various industries. From conducting energy audits and implementing energy-efficient technologies to developing carbon offset programs and offering consultation on sustainable business practices, Muktinath Climate Care offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. In addition to its corporate services, Muktinath Climate Care is actively involved in community outreach and education initiatives. Through workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns, the company strives to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to make environmentally responsible choices.